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September 14, 2008


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Decree Life!

Father in Heaven,

We are in a day of trouble and decision making. We don’t deserve Your mercy, for we have rebelled against Your commandment when You said “You shall not murder.” Please forgive us for all the ways that we have failed to uphold righteousness, purity and strength of conviction towards Your laws. Lord, we implore You to please forgive us for all the innocent bloodshed we have allowed by permitting the unnecessary ending of life through abortions in our land. Forgive us for contributing towards the injury and the wrongs committed against these unborn children! Please empower us by Your Holy Spirit to make this right in our land.

We decree that laws permitting abortion shall come to a quick end. We decree a reversal of Roe. vs. Wade, and we decree life to those who have not yet been born. We decree that “they shall live and not die, and declare the works of the Lord,” according to Your word in Psalm 118:17. Father, we remind You of a promise You have made in Judges 2:16, when You raised up judges to deliver Your people out of the hand of those that plundered them. It is also written that You were with the judges to deliver Your people out of the hand of their enemies, so we ask now that You would be with the judges that rule over this land, that the lives of those yet unborn would not be taken from them.

Father, we also bind the spirit of Baal, Jezebel, Ahab and Athaliah, which thrive on spiritual whoredom and child sacrifice to demonically empower those thrones of iniquity. We loose the Spirit of life, purity, repentance and resurrection power from Your Holy Spirit. We issue the decree against these demonic spirits that they are forbidden to remain in this land, we release the zeal of the Lord, a spirit of Jehu, to destroy all places where Baal is worshipped on thrones of iniquity. We declare that all the powers of the heavens disconnect yourself from all ungodly thrones of iniquity. We release the fear of the Lord, the Spirit of truth and revelation, and a Spirit of Repentance over this nation, and we thank You, Father, for establishing this decree according to Job 22:28.

In the blessed name of Jesus Christ our Lord we thank You for hearing our prayer and declaration, and for granting our request. Amen.

P.S. Jehu called a Solemn Assembly for Baal, then turned the tables and destroyed the enemy. Just a side note, but a solemn assembly will take place on a new city wide event called Take it to the Streets -Wildfire on October 4th.

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