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January 12, 2012


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Maureen Deidrick

Great message... :)


What you say is correct. However, someone with an addiction--chemical, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, usually does not see a way to freedom. By the time someone is addicted, they have lost belief in their own ability to let go of a substance, a lifestyle, their belief.
It takes an illness, a huge hardship, a tremendous loss before recovery seems like a better choice--out of sheer desperation.
For others, a form of mental illness keeps them away from mainstream public.
Dealing with the cause in a therapeutic situation is required, along with prayers. Breaking the cycle of addiction, illness, homelessness.


Thanks for the comment Jean. You are correct. My short blog cannot adequately deal with the whole issue of homelessness. Each person has their own story. Each person has their own difficulties to deal with. We continue to pray and help.

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