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June 10, 2012


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Jasmine Clark

I'm not a homosexual, yet I have a heart for them . As a person who is very involved with theatre, I have met many homosexuals. Some of which whom consider themselves Christians. I feel that we as Christians have no right to judge them for being gay just as no has the right to judge someone for any sin. God will handle us all. I'm not saying being gay is right. I'm saying that if we can truly cal ourselves Christians, then we should be loving to all people of any background. Even the LGBT community. The nations acceptance of homosexuality can be viewed as being both good and bad. Bad: it's against God's word. Good: people become more comfortable with themselves and no longer have to hide; men, women, and children stop sexually abusing people to mask their feelings as homosexuals. God's main message is love. If we want Christianity to prevail, we must push aside all hatred and love everyone. Even if their lifestyle does not agree with the word of God.

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